Hall Pass Movie Review

Hall Pass Movie Review Poster

One Sentence: A comedy without the message. 

Rated: R

Release Date: 25-Feb-2011

Nudity: One pair of boobs and 2 penises.

Rated R comedy with Jason Sudeikis and Jenna Fischer seems like a movie for me.  Relationship comedy, with notes of 80's movies and the new rated R comedy styles really made this movie look appealing to me.  Sadly that isn't going to be enough for me and the movie actually has to deliver, and as it always seems with the Farrelly brothers, the final delivery is where they run into some problems.  

Hall Pass is like a confused segmented comedy that doesn't know if it wants to deliver the heart felt ending or not and while it tries to figure out if it is going to go there or not, it occasionally has some funny parts that show up at random times.  It never really brings it one way or the other, it doesn't go the way of super rated R comedy, or something that wraps up really well.  It just kind of stumbles along not sure of it's message or plot and randomly throws in a penis for comedic effect.  There were some funny parts, but it wasn't as funny as I was hoping it would be, and I think some jokes just fell down completely.  I thought Owen Wilson was really dry, actually almost everyone seemed very dry, everything felt very phoned in.  

I am not going to say skip this movie entirely, you can rent it and it would probably be good enough for a sunday afternoon comedy, but it is not enough to catch it in the theater at all.  So if you like anyone in the movie you might want to check it out, but you could probably forget this movie ever was made and not have a problem in your social circles feeling awkward when someone asks you if you have ever seen Hall Pass, because it's not worth bringing up in conversation.

2 Stars 

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