Sucker Punch Movie Review

Sucker Punch Movie Review Poster

One Sentence: Stylish crap in a short skit.

Rated: PG-13

Release Date: 25-Mar-2011

Nudity: None

I get it, I get why you want to go see this movie. I can’t blame you, it looks amazing. Maybe a little overdone and that it is pandering to your weaknesses like being male, or liking shiny things. I am the same way, hot girls, short skirts, dragons, swords, polish, guns, explosions and sexiness. Who wouldn’t want to go see that. I know that I wanted to, and truthfully I like Zack Synder’s stuff. I liked 300 and I loved Watchmen, so everything about this movie seems like it would work out great. Sadly I do not think this one clicked.

This movie just felt like it was forcing these overdone set pieces with fights and swords and all the stuff that you have seen in the trailer without really needing it, and taking away from the real story. It felt like we could of had a much better movie if it stayed in reality, but the movie makes these fantasy scenes and they really take you out of the story. They feel like they were just put there to be shiny and don’t really add anything to the story. I kind of wish this movie was a little less of that overdone polished explosive crap, I think it would of made it far more interesting and less like I am just getting fed CG and short skirts. Which would of been fine if it was going for CG and skirts for 100% of the movie, but they was at least an attempt and a message and story, so all of it failed.

It is a pretty movie, and the girls look great, and I would probably say that it is almost worth paying for in the theater if you are looking for all that Zack Snyder style without any substance. It is hard to say, I think if I had paid full price for this movie I would be a little disappointed. I think I would of liked to rent it to at least see it, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to see it right away.
The Reviewer 2 Stars

  • Being a comic book fan, I’m definitely a Zach Snyder fan, but in the past all of his work has been based on previously written works, which this was not. To me the visuals look like they’re going to be amazing, but I’ve always expected a meandering / over sexualized story. To be honest I don’t even really find any of the girls in the move to be that attractive… I’m mostly hoping to a lot shiny guns, robots, swords, dragons and action with minimal plot. I just hope the story isn’t lame to the point of completely ruining the movie. I’ll probably see it next weekend, there are other movies higher on my priority list.

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