The Art Of Getting By Movie Review

The Art Of Getting By Movie Review Poster

One Sentence: Whiny rich emo kid is whiny and rich.

Rated: PG-13

Release Date: 17-Jun-2011

Nudity: None

The once great and independent, independent movie is now as formulaic as the Hollywood blockbusters it tries to act like it isn’t associated with. Open with singer songwriter acoustic hip track. Have teen drawings down by angsty teen being show during title sequence. Open with disparaged unwashed teen. Show hot unattainable girl who is nice and hip, can get beer at any bar even though shes 17. I am sure you have seen the rest a million times before.

So the whiny unwashed rich kid, needs to stfu and thank his lucky stars he has the life he has, and this movie should be thrown away with this little shit’s attitude. I am not feeling this movie at all. The unlikeable whiny kid and his hot, confused, slutty, alcoholic wannabe girlfriend, played by Emma Roberts did nothing to make me care about them, or their amazing New York lives. Which I think is the opposite of the intention of this movie. That along with it being so very predictable from the very first shot of the movie made for a very boring hour and a half.

So I think you can tell you can skip this movie. This movie just rubbed me the wrong way and I did not like it at all. I didn’t like the acting, actors, or the story. It just felt like the wrong movie at the wrong time. With all that is going on in the world the last thing I care about is some artist, rich kid, who can’t get his life straight.

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