Attack The Block Movie Review

Attack The Block Movie Review Poster

One Sentence: With only a 9 million pound budget you have to get creative.

Rated: R

Release Date: Probably already out near you

Nudity: None

I told 3 people last night that I was going to go see Attack The Block. They asked what that was, and I said, I don’t know. Another person who already saw it only described it as, “cool.” So what is Attack The Block? It’s cool. A tiny, cheap, kick ass, British movie that is pretty fucking cool. Oh and there are monster aliens.

In the tradition of all cool British movies it has a kick ass soundtrack, London slang, and amazing pacing that we never seem to be able to replicate here in the states. They had very little money to make this movie but you never notice, or never care, the beat of the music that tears through the whole movie keeps you going from start to finish. The amazing group of kids that keep this movie together, believe in it and make us all believe. It is just “R” rated good fun at the movies. It is rarely something I see and I think Attack The Block captures it beautifully.

Now it is possible this is in a theater near you now, as it’s gets seen more it is growing across the country. I would seek it out if you can and watch it this weekend. It is just awesome. This is one of those movies that you will own and show to people that have never heard of it and then they will get a copy and show others. So find it, watch it, love it like I did.

  • If only all British films were as cool as this. Alas most are middle class costume drama plum-in-mouth trash.

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