War Horse Movie Review

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One Sentence: The worst Speilberg movie I have ever seen?

Rated: PG-13

Release Date: 25-Dec-2011

Nudity: None

I know that Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was also a Speilberg movie, but it was the 4th in a series and he had an awful script to work with.  War Horse is a powerful story, not a franchise, and I think should of been dealt with a little more care.  It did not feel that way at all.  Maybe he is just losing touch with directing.  War Horse was a cheese fest.

The whole movie didn’t deliver to me.  It felt weird and cheesy and overacted.  Everyone in the movie talked about this horse, and how amazing he was, but you never really saw that.  You never connected like the people in the movie did.  The whole movie felt like we were being forced into an idea that wasn’t real.  We were forced to like this horse, and the connection between the horse and the boy.  We were being told he did hard things, we were being told he was amazing, but we as an audience never felt these things.   Then the ending, wraps up in this weird horrible way, that feels so forced, even if you were connecting a bit with the rest of the movie, the last 4 will kill it for you.

I have been hoping for a new Speilberg directed movie for a while now.  However it is with great regret that I must steer you away from War Horse.  I do not think it is a great movie, and is not a choice for the family on Christmas.  It is a far tamer war movie than his others, but it is a far worse movie as well.  I would say it is a sit on your TV for a month before you get around to watching it on Netflix type of movie.  It just wasn’t very good.

  • Sy

    I felt exactly the same! The movie was so cheesy I felt embarrassed watching it with my friends at the cinema.

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