The Dark Knight Rises Movie Review

The Dark Knight Rises Movie Review Poster


One Sentence: The unexpected end to a wonderful film experience.

Rated: PG-13

Release Date: 20-Jul-2012

Nudity: None

Do I really need to write this review?  I know I am not writing this to help you make the decision to go see this movie, you are going to go see it.  So what I am writing this for.  I guess someone later might want to discuss what they thought about it with me.  That happens, and I am fine with that.  I didn’t feel like I blinked for the last hour of the movie.

I wanted to soak it all up, every moment, to understand, to know the end.  Then it did end, in another way.  Something I wasn’t expecting before the movie started.  Something perfect.  It is rare that we see such quality in 3 movies, spanning years.   The Dark Knight Rises delivers the same amazing experience as the first 2 movies of this trilogy.   I am sure everyone will be as happy as I am with this movie.  I would not say it is the best movie of 2012.  I didn’t think it rose to that level, but it is a wonderful movie experience.   I think everyone will be pleased and I am going to go see it again this weekend.

Now the important part of the review.  IMAX.  I saw this movie on a dedicated IMAX theater.  I would say 80% of this movie was shot with 70mm IMAX, and there is no other way you should see this movie if at all possible.  If you have an IMAX screen in your city, and you bought regular tickets.  Sell them online, and buy them for IMAX, even if they are 30 dollars.  It is the only way this movie should be seen.

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