Hotel Transylvania Movie Review

Hotel Transylvania Movie Review

One Sentence:  We should take away movie making powers from Adam Sandler.

Rated: PG

Release Date: 28-Sep-2012

Nudity: None

Bleh I do not think I can muster up the energy to write 300 words on this movie.  I was so excited about it.  The animation looked fun, and the whole old school monster thing.  I was feeling it.  Then It had to go and get ruined by the script and the actors.  I rarely laughed, actually the thing I laughed at the most was the zombies, who do not talk in the movie.

The script was awful and drug on, and it didn’t have the comedy elements in the animation to help it that much.  The jokes were not good and the sight gags were only ok sometimes, add this to the slow story, that you have seen a million times before and it just didn’t work for me at all.  I was hoping it would end and it felt like it went on forever.

I feel like this review is going on forever.  I am sorry parents that have to take their kids to see this one this weekend, it is not good.  You should leave the kids at home and go see Looper instead.

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