Wreck-It Ralph Movie Review

Wreck It Ralph Movie Review Poster

One Sentence:  Disney animation studios is having a great year.

Rated: PG

Release Date: 02-Nov-2012

Nudity: None

This might be the first Disney movie that I think you might not want to take your kids to.  Not because it is adult in nature, it still has the layout of a family movie and you would not be upset if your kids watched it.  It’s just that Wreck-It Ralph isn’t for them, it’s for you.  The 35 year old with the 2 kids, who grew up playing games in arcades and on your NES, or in the case of my poorly raised girlfriend a Sega Genesis System.  I am saying this because of the kids in the screening we went to.  I heard, “I am bored,”  “Who is that,” and other restlessness.

The movie is about an arcade, with arcade characters for your childhood.  It is great, the nostalgia, the story, the animation, the made up video games they used that weren’t licensed and the licensed games.  It was all a wonderful trip into the lives of video game characters, that you will love and your kid just will not get.  Now I have seen with my brothers that they will love just about anything that is animated, and hopefully that is the case with this movie as well, but I wouldn’t expect many kids asking for a Wreck-It Ralph costume for next Halloween.  I however want “Sugar Rush,” the arcade game to exist and for there to be a ride made for it at Disney World.   You will know what “Sugar Rush,” is when you go see it.

I had an amazing time with Wreck-It Ralph, it was just a great, fun animated movie.  You can go with your head held high on a Saturday night without the kids, that this movie is for you.  You can have a great trip down memory lane, and a fun time doing it.  You also will have a lot less kids if you go on Saturday night and based on my screening, you don’t want to go with a lot of kids anyway.

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