Skyfall Movie Review

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One Sentence: Javier Bardem should be the villian in every movie.

Rated: PG-13

Release Date: 09-Nov-2012

Nudity: None

There was a time where this movie was never going to happen, or any other Bond movie.  Money issues were leading down a path that was going to be grim for Mr. Bond.  Then news came that everything got funded, and then there was a movie less than 8 months later.  They had Adele sing the new song for it, and they kept with the new format of realistic”ish” Bond, and building his personal story along with the action and villian 007 format.

Skyfall is superb at delivering a great 007 movie.  It is visually stunning.  From a cinematography aspect it is the best looking Bond movie ever made.   It is breathtaking in some points.   The action is shot well, it is balanced, and not too over the top.  Some things are a bit super hero like, but overall not too bad.  The villain is amazing.  Javier Bardem is awesome.  So much better than the villain in Quantam Of Solace.  Then we also got a lot of personal Bond story, including M, Q, and some new characters since the reset.  It is a solid homage to the old ways, while going new places with James Bond.  It was an excellent, entertaining movie.

Skyfall is a movie that I think you should go see in the theater this weekend.  It is quality enough for dates, but it is pure Bond action, so know who you are taking.  Otherwise it is a pay full price for it as soon as you can movie.  I would be happy paying 10 dollars on Friday night to see this one.  I had such a great time with it and I think you will too.

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