Monsters University Movie Review

Monsters University Poster

One Sentence: The classic underdog college movie, monster style.

Rated: G

Nudity: None

After Credits Scene: Yes

Monsters Inc, is my favorite Pixar movie.   I loved the creativity of it, the color, the story, Boo, Mike and Sully.  So I was excited about the prequel Monsters University.  I wasn’t getting my hopes up, but I was excited.  I loved Monsters University.  I didn’t love it as much as Monsters Inc.  But I did love it.  The story played out like a college underdog story that we have seen lots of time, but it was still fun, still cute, and still very very funny.

That is what I want from Pixar, cute, funny movies, with a good story, and that is what Monsters University is.  Sometimes they hit a home run, sometimes they make ok movies, and I am fine with ok good movies.  I think Monsters University is that type of movie and I love it for it.  I don’t think it tried to be the next best Pixar movie and it works in a place where they can make a fun movie that doesn’t have to be amazing.  They can really push the fun level without being super heavy like some others they have done recently.

What that leads to is great looks into the young adult lives of old characters you know and love, and the great introduction of some new friends.  You can check them all out in the poster I picked.  Then there is Dean Hardscrabble, who is one of the scariest coolest characters Disney or Pixar has ever created.  Played wonderfully by Helen Mirren.  It really makes a great prequel that is great for the kids and adults.  Make sure you stay past the credits for a funny scene.

4 Stars for Monsters University

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