2 Guns Movie Review

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One Sentence: Nobody followed the law in this movie, the good or bad guys.

Rated: R

Nudity: One pair of boobs

After Credits Scene: None

I know in most movies about police and under cover agents, there is that point where they must cross the line.  I get it, it makes for a good movie, that the cop must do what is right, over what he is told.  The hero for the most part must be greater than the system otherwise he is not a hero.  We expect it, we want it, and without it, there is no risk or conflict for the hero.  So with 2 Guns there are two undercover “agents,” making the hard decisions so that must mean that they are twice as heroic.

Those decisions must be rooted in some sort of reality, the struggle must be by people that would be worthy of being praised, and the bad guys have to be the bad guys.  2 Guns got all of this wrong.  By the time the movie is over you don’t know who is right, who is wrong, what happened during the movie or why the people that are dead are not going to cause everyone to be involved to be put in jail for a very very long time.  It was just absurdity with some comedy thrown in.  If it was attempting to be absurd then I would have been fine with it, but it was attempting to be a smart action comedy. Instead it was a comedy that didn’t make any sense.

If you were not paying attention to this movie, you would have a fun time with it.  Action, comedy, and Mark Wahlburg was great in it.  If you were doing house work on a Sunday afternoon and this movie was on in the background, you would probably think it was a good movie.  If you watch it however, it just falls apart.  Let this be a Sunday afternoon movie at home on Showtime, I don’t think you should pay to see this movie.  There isn’t enough good to support all the bad.

2 Stars

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