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One Sentence: A TV episode, a good one, but just an episode none the less.

Rated: PG-13

Nudity: None

After Credits: During

With the posted Avengers (all the Avengers) movie schedule, I had a feeling it was going to get this way.  They were just going to crank out too much content too quickly for it to keep up with quality.  Maybe quality isn’t the right word.  Exceptional quality is a better choice of words, because I did enjoy Thor The Dark World.  I just didn’t think it fit in with the rest of the recent Avengers movies.

The words that kept running through my head were non-story arc episode of Buffy.  That is exactly what Thor The Dark World felt like.  It had all the characters you wanted, it had Darcy played by Kat Dennings being adorable.  It had Anthony Hopkins doing Odin things, and it had Heimdall being a badass.  It had Loki and even Renee Russo doing some fun things, but it didn’t go anywhere it didn’t do much of anything.  It was a movie in the context of all others, that doesn’t need to exist.  Maybe I am being a bit too hard to Thor The Dark World, but I just felt like without the bigger story going on behind this main story, it didn’t deliver that movie quality I was looking for.  It instead felt just like a mid-season TV episode, and if you missed it, it wouldn’t matter for the rest of the season.

It was fun, it was funny, it was very pretty.  If I didn’t have to wear my 3D sunglasses I bet it would have looked even better.  I did not have a bad time watching this movie, but when I did go to write this review, I had to look at my calendar to see what movie I had seen on Monday of this week because I had already forgot what it was.  That isn’t a great sign to me.  If you can wait on this on for a rental, then I think it would be fine to do so.  You do not have to see it in the theater.

3 Stars out of 5 For Thor The Dark World

  • Mr.G

    Thor TDW is by far better than most, ‘Pride & Prejudice,’ critics will give it credit. Hold on artsy snobs, your Oscar films are coming, and you can fill your goblets full of the, ‘True Craft.’ Thankfully Thor TDW gives us a mighty Howrah of Big blockbuster thrills to hold us,’ The Majority of Movie Goers,’ until Part 2 of the The Hobbit. Job well done building on your Cinematic Universe Marvel Studios, and well done Alan Taylor…handling characters, who even with the best of scripts could come out corny, thanks for handling it so well that I look forward to Marvel handing you Thor’s next solo adventure, as well as some of their other properties.

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