Transcendence Movie Review

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One Sentence: Johnny Depp’s bad year continues.

Rated: PG-13

Nudity: None

After Credits: None

The Second Renaissance  is two animated movies that were created to help explain the back story of the A.I in The Matrix.  How they were coexisting, came to power and how they took over.  There are no characters, it is like an animated history lesson but it is needed to tell that type of a story.  Transcendence is attempting that same sort of thing with character development and the human side of the story in 119 minutes.

They just could not do it.  There were so many huge jumps in the story line, things I wanted to know, that it felt so hollow.  It started off pretty good, the first 40 minutes I would say.  I was thinking this is a great Sci-fi movie.  I personally love the A.I. story lines.  Then the A.I. started, and the movie just got too much story for the time they had.  Military, giant solar arrays, a tiny town with weird people in it, nanobots, and so many more things that just happened, without explaining how, or why.  It seems like they took a lot out for time.

I wish there was more to this movie.  I think it had potential, and I loved the idea of the story.  It just didn’t cut it and when I left the movie I felt like this was a huge missed opportunity, and it just ended up being a movie that I will forget about very quickly.  I would skip it completely.

2 Stars for Transcendence

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