Edge Of Tomorrow

Edge Of Tomorrow Poster

One Sentence: Groundhog Day future version.

Rated: PG-13

Nudity: None

After Credits: None

I like Emily Blunt as an action star.  She fit into her costume, she didn’t look like they were trying to put her into a role where she didn’t belong, and she seems fit.  She delivered on a challenging part and I liked her very much in that part.  They put her on posters and gave her this sword blade and it worked very well.  It seemed like it was all very well thought out.  I liked most of the movie because it felt like it was well thought out.

Tom Cruise did his thing.  I feel like I have seen him in so many things now that it is automatically the Tom Cruise action character doing his thing, and it was fine.  The thing that is really great about this movie is the smart editing and the blend of the time story lines and the comedy and action.  It all worked out very well.  The romance was very minimal and they dealt with this movie as it should of been.  A movie about an alien force attacking Earth and what we would do about it.  Bill Paxton was excellent.  A wonderful part that he delivered very well.

Edge of Tomorrow feels like a movie that I loved while watching it that I will watch again when it is on FX in 3 years, but I won’t remember it till then.  I had so much fun with this movie, I thought it was exciting, funny, smart and looked amazing.  It just didn’t have that thing, that thing that makes you want to watch it again, remember it, or make it a movie you want to own on Blu-Ray.  I think you should go see it this weekend.  I would even pay full price for it.  You will have a great time, and then you will be ready for the next movie because that might be the last time you will ever see it.

4 Stars

  • Miguel Garzón Martínez

    I really want to go and watch this movie. I wasn’t interested until I started reading reviews online.

    I tried to shoot you an email but I couldn’t use the “Write me an email” button on your website. I am an indie-filmmaker living in Los Angeles and I would like to show you some of my work. If you are interested, email me to kams_sun@hotmail.com


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