The Equalizer

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One Sentence: Man On Fire 2

Rated: R

Nudity: None

After Credits: None

If you have not seen Man On Fire, you should go see it. It is my favorite Denzel Washington movie.  The reason I bring it up is because The Equalizer feels very much like the same movie. Which I am happy about.  I haven’t seen Man On Fire for quite a few years, so I am not how close it feels to The Equalizer.  It is next in my Netflix queue because I want to watch it again.  They both have a satisfying quality about them.  That justice has been served.  Sweet sweet justice.

The Equalizer is a long action thriller that is loud, violent, and well made.  It really doesn’t have anything that is truly amazing about it as far as doing something new or different.  It actually is so much like Man On Fire that I want to see it now to see how closely it resembles that movie.  There is just something about The Equalizer.  Denzel being cool, calm and awesome.  Chloe looking like a girl you would want to help yourself.  Thinking to yourself, if I could do this I would. Getting justice, like only Hollywood can deliver.  It all made for a very fun, kick ass movie.

Sometimes it is good to just have a movie like this, and The Equalizer did it well enough that it didn’t feel forced or too cheesy.  I would say the last 10 seconds of the movie I could of done without but except for that I had a good time with this shoot em up. I would pay full price to see this again.  I think those who do not love hard, graphic action and violence might not be too happy with this one, but I still think it might be worth the watch for those on the fence.


4 Stars

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