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Lets start by saying this movie is good enough to pay for, everyone that sees it should like it, and there is no need to pay for 3-D or watch it in 3-D.  This is your simple movie review, that this movie didn’t break anything, and you will have a fun time with it.  If you want to hear my complaints about it, and the things I have thought about more and more as I nerd out on the movie then you can keep reading.

Ok on with the nitpicking that made this movie just a 3.  Ultron is weird.  I don’t mean weird in a AI robot that wants to rule.  I mean weird like he has a mouth.  He has feelings, like neurotic feelings.  He thinks far too simply for a hive mind robot AI system.  He wants to end all life on earth in a very simple, way.  I don’t mean simple like efficient, I mean simple, like caveman.  He doesn’t think like a robot, he doesn’t act like a robot, and he for sure does not seem like threat that needed the whole team together for.   The first Avengers had a big problem.  This Avengers, they could of done it with Banner and Stark, till the last scene.

Everything about this movie was less than the first.  Everyone is comfortable, and they are just going through the motions for the most part.  The threat is smaller, the stories are all wrapped up, everything seemed too simple.  It was only a super hero movie, and did not deal with the complexities of being those super heroes for the most part.  This left a big hole for me, that they have been doing so well in other Marvel movies.

They also have a different Quicksilver then from Days Of Future Past Quicksilver, which bothered me, and I don’t mean the actor, because I can be ok with different actors.  I mean this was a completely different guy, he dressed different, acted different had an accent.  It really bothered me, and my super dream of full movie storyline integration, like comic books.  It really felt like they disregarded that character (which I liked much better than the Avengers Quicksilver).

So all of these things, are minor.  They just have kind of drilled on my mind for the last few days and are coming out now.  I do not think most of these things will bother most people, but Avengers is a high bar, and because of these things I do not think they met that bar.

3 Stars

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