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There is a part of me that wants to know what was going on in this movie outside of the cars, trucks, fire and guitars.  Like is this a sequel to the other movies?  Who is this bad guy?  Are all these tribes enemies?  Are they refining gasoline somewhere?  What is with the blood bank?  I have a lot of questions.

So Mad Max: Fury Road is exactly the movie that you expect it to be.  It’s got cars, trucks, fire and guitars.  They are going across the land and there are explosions and fights, and guns, and guys on sticks, and people with no hair, or clothes.  There is no water and they are traveling one way for a reason.  That reason, I could not tell you, but they have to get there, and they have to survive.

This is pretty much the whole movie.  There is one or two sentences spoken that makes tries to help you understand the next 20 minute action sequence you are about to see.  Then there are cars, trucks, fire and guitars.  Then another set of sentences.  It is very fun, very well shot and worth watching.  Does it make much sense?  Not even close.  I could not even tell you what the reason was for a lot of the things I saw on screen.  I think that might be why Mad Max: Fury Road is a fun movie.  It doesn’t answer those questions.  It just did what it wanted, and made it entertaining enough that you don’t need to know the rest of the stuff.  You can just watch it and have fun, and maybe when you get home you can look up what actually happened.

4 Stars

  • Even Lysen

    I beg to differ. I felt most of your questions were answered rather
    well, they just weren’t yelled in the audiences face like in a
    Christopher Nolan movie (Nolan really has to learn subtext and
    exposition). Nux has cancer. Furiosa wants to back to her childhood
    place which she remembers as being an oasis. The three tribes chasing
    Max and Furiosa are supplying each other with needed resources, all
    three makes different things which they all need. The buzzards and the
    bikers were “random” wasteland scavengers. Everyone in the wasteland is
    fighting for what little resources are left.

    And yes, the movie is insanely funny and unique. I loved it!

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