13 Hours The Secret Soldiers Of Bengazi

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These movies that are based on true stories.  I always wonder how much is real.  How accurate do you think they are?  I don’t mean in the small details, those can be swayed whichever way the director decides.  The big details though, the timeline, the intensity.  How close to reality were those things?  Because in 13 hours, to think that any of this was real, is absolutely insane.

I looked over Michael Bay’s director list.  I would say Bad Boys was his best movie prior to this 13 hours.   This movie blows anything else he has done out of the water.  Character development that feels real.  A level of intensity that doesn’t feel like a joke or comical.  A script that is based in that Michael Bay kept in reality and it delivers that reality in stunning, scary clarity.   I felt afraid for these people, I felt like I was seeing something no one was supposed to see and I was hooked into it.

This is a hero movie, and it is done in a perfectly quiet and respectful way.  It doesn’t shove America down your throat or pick a political side.  It feels like it shows actually what happened.  The acting by everyone involved help prop up this great movie.  This was one of those movies where everyone understood what the goal of this movie was and everyone that was a part of it delivered their portion to make that goal a reality.  13 Hours is a great movie and I would highly recommend it to anyone to go see this weekend.  This recommendation has been a long time coming for Michael Bay.

4 Stars for 13 Hours

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