Batman v. Superman: Dawn Of Justice Review

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Here is the math.  2 and half hours, Batman, Superman, Lois Lane, Wonder Woman, Lex Luthor, another bad guy, and some other Justice League stuff.  There has to be a large fight at least that takes up some time.  So you can figure out that there is a lot of stuff going on in this movie and even at two and a half hours there is not enough time to get to it all.

Batman is confused, Superman is confused, they are confusing us.  The first half of this movie there was just too much to get to, and it just did not work.  Affleck’s Bruce Wayne was too aloof at some times and way too angry at other times.  His motivations for everything he did, did not seem to fit what batman is about at all.  Superman was actually exactly correct to me.  Silent, confused, and attempting to fight the good fight.  Then they added in all the other things, a horrible Lex Luthor who is more crazy than genius, which doesn’t work.  He was more like the Joker than the central focus of the world’s criminal and technological organizations.  Justice League stuff, which was provided very little information that it could of been left out and made the movie actually better.  After the first half of the movie and they got all of this stuff out of the way, the movie actually picks up and starts delivering.

Diana Prince shows up and is the best part of the movie.  From here on out the Batman V Superman starts to work.  They got all the attempted story out of the way and started delivering punches, a more linear story, and a resolution.   It all ends up with a feeling that you did watch a mostly good movie, but upon reflection there are a lot of things wrong with Batman v. Superman.  So many so that I would even say you could rent this movie if you don’t love DC.

Writing this now I can say I did have fun watching Batman V. Superman.  If I had paid 20 bucks to see it however I might be a little bit more upset about it.

3 Stars Batman V. Superman

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