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There is a lack of wonder in these Wonderland movies.  A couple of talking rabbits does not make Wonderland wonderful, and without Wonderland what is the point of following Alice through the looking glass.  Sure there is a large special effects budget, and the visuals are top notch, but they are empty.  There is nothing behind those ticking clocks and plant monsters.  There is no madness, no fun, and nothing that is really that bizarre about the Wonderland that Alice visits for the third time.

There is a story that is happening in Through The Looking Glass.  It is about time travel, family and all of those other things that we should touch on when we are making a Disney, or family movie.  There is animated humor, and family action.   It does all the thing that it should do, and it does everything just fine.  There is nothing wrong with Alice Through The Looking Glass, there is just nothing really great about it either.  It is a another step in the long history of Alice and the screen.  Where the 2010 version lacked in depth of story it had glimpses of the magical world that I was hoping for.  Through The Looking Glass was supposed to take that magic and grow upon it after having learned that they can make these movies live action and do them well.  Through The Looking Glass did not deliver here and instead feels too glossed over with the boring brush compared to what it could have been.  Elements on time bending, Wonderland possibilities and seeing it in different points in time really meant they could of done a lot, and instead did just enough to get by.

I am not going to say that you should not go see Alice Through The Looking Glass.  The movie is fine for everyone in the family and it is entertaining enough to allow everyone to have a good time watching it.  I just wish there was more to it.

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