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Have we hit peak Super Hero Movie?  Who the hell is Doctor Strange?  Why is there a weird looking white bald lady in Nepal that is the supreme sorecerer….why are there sorcerers?  The nerds in the audience were happy about this character that I had never heard of before Marvel Studios started marketing it.  So I guess he is somewhat popular but I was not sold, and I was thinking as I was watching this, do we need another superhero?

If Doctor Strange is that superhero, I think the answer is no.  This movie was rushed and was about as run of the mill as you can get.  A faceless magical super monster is the bad guy.  He has minions who are not very interesting or scary.  It was not a threat that felt real or like something that wasn’t going to be fixed easily.

Doctor Strange learned his powers in about 10 minutes and really didn’t feel like a struggle or that he had learned anything.  It just all felt like a secondary character to a secondary movie that wasn’t inspired at all.  No one felt like they put in the effort to make this movie better than a cash grab.  I would say skip it, but I know you won’t.

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