The Space Between Us Movie Review

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The date on this poster says August 19th.  I am writing this review on November 10th, the current release date for this movie is Dec 16th.  I am wondering if it will ever come out.  Which is a damn shame because I think everyone should watch this horrible movie.

There are movies that are great that you should go see as soon as possible.  There are movies that are bad and you should never waste your time.  Then there are movies that you should get all of your friends that you like making jokes with, get them all in a room and watch together and make fun of.  The Space Between Us is that movie.  A movie so comically bad that I actually had such a great time watching it.

The Space Between Us tricks you, because in the beginning it has some solid science, it looks good, looks like they spent some money on it, and you can get into it.  Then the kid starts talking.  Cliche after cliche, falling from Heaven to Earth, angels, heart is too big, a missing father.  It just goes on and on and on.  It is so comically bad that it feels like Tina Belcher made one of her erotic friend fictions a movie.  It literally feels like the dreams of a 13 year old girl made into a movie.  People were laughing at parts that were funny, and then they were laughing at parts that were so bad there was nothing else you could do but laugh.  Which is why it was so great.  It is just an escape into this world of absurdity, and it is so hilarious how serious they try to make it.

I do not think you should go to a theater to see this movie.  Wait for it, get some drinks and get ready to laugh your ass off at one of the worst movies of 2016, if it ever gets released.

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