The Secret Diary of a Call Girl

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The Secret Diary of a Call Girl was released from September 2007 through until March in 2011. While it did receive a cult following and its fair share of hits, the majority of the reception to this television show was poor.

Featuring Billie Piper starring as escort ‘Belle’, a high class London escorts – the Secret Diary presents an interpretation of how working as a companion & leading a professional life can have problems.

There are Television shows you need to see and there is TV that should be left on the backburner. The Secret Diary of a Call Girl is one of those things left until you have absolutely nothing else left to watch. It is good enough to catch your attention but not captivating enough to keep it.

As this show is now several years old you might find the reruns being played. Give it a try, you might like Billie Piper’s role it is apparent that she is trying very hard to act. As far as the interpretation of the London escort industry, it’s semi-accurate.

I do not think you should go out of your way to catch this series, it should be watched naturally at some point. Watch it on a Sunday with your spouse, have a bit of a joke about it. It’s a bit dull watching Billie Piper date multiple men, if I wanted this experience I would go book an escort myself.

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