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Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them

Harry Potter And The Sorcerer’s Stone worked because we got to see the magic for the first time, we got to see Hogwarts, a man steal light from a street and a cat transform into a woman.  A great hall with candles floating in the air, and all the other things the magical world had to […]

Kubo And The Two Strings Review

You know what I haven’t seen in a long time, an animated action movie, that wasn’t anime.  Thinking back I am having a hard time thinking of one.   I guess Big Hero 6 was one, but it didn’t feel like it.  The Incredibles was for sure.  That was over 10 years ago.   Maybe […]

Finding Dory

I need to first state that I watched this movie in 3-D and it was so dark that I could not enjoy this movie.  It was so dark with the 3-D glasses on that I took them off half way through the movie and watched it without the glasses on.  It was easier to watch […]

Alice Through The Looking Glass

There is a lack of wonder in these Wonderland movies.  A couple of talking rabbits does not make Wonderland wonderful, and without Wonderland what is the point of following Alice through the looking glass.  Sure there is a large special effects budget, and the visuals are top notch, but they are empty.  There is nothing […]

Inside Out

If you are like me, you were a little worried about Inside Out.  Based on what you have seen so far, it didn’t look too good.  It didn’t seem to catch your imagination from the trailers, and it looked a little too junior for you.  Well I am here to tell you to throw out […]


One Sentence: Watch the Disney animated version instead. Rated: PG Nudity: None After Credits: None The difference between Alice In Wonderland and Cinderella is that there is so much in Alice In Wonderland, so you can get away with it being a live action movie.  Cinderella has almost no story.  We all know it and […]

Maleficent Movie Review

One Sentence: Ok, make them all now Disney. Rated: PG Nudity: None After Credits: None As a critic I am tasked with pointing out the good and the bad with a movie.  In fairness I did say this to my fiance last night.  “I wish the dragon fire was green, and I wish the guys […]

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