Bob Barkers Last Day

Boob Barker

I have grown up watching The Price Is Right.  I know a lot of people have.  My mom has tired to make it on the show numerous times.  I never got the chance to sit in the studio audience.  I always wanted to go, but never planned to go to LA in enough time to get tickets.  The Price Is Right has no intention of ending as far as anyone has heard.  However will it ever be as good?

Today is the last day Bob Barker will appear as the host of The Price Is Right.  For my whole life, I have watched him and this show.  Every day that I am off of work, or sick, and at home, I take the time to watch all of The Price Is Right.  Every time there is an evening special I make sure to catch it.  I love the show, but I think more so, I love Bob, who at 83 years old, has more style, and looks than most people alive today.  He has been around my whole life, probably the single most influential television personality in my life.  Not that he molded me or shaped me in any way, but he has been around a lot and I do own a couple of Price Is Right tee shirts.       

So I would just like to say thank you to Mr. Bob Barker for all the years and cars you have given away, and all the pets balls you have had cut off to help save kitties and doggies.  You are one of a kind and I will miss you!  

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