Acknowledge The Legacy, EPCOT’s 25th!

Epcot Legacy

Now you may or may not know that I am a huge Disney Fan.  Being into movies and TV, it is automatic that Disney comes with that.  Included in that is the parks.  I have been going to Disneyland my whole life.  I have added Disneyworld to that list.  So sometimes you are going to see some Disney news in here.   So here is your first Disney news post, I promise I will only post really important things, I think are worthy of talking about.   

Behind the original Disneyland park, EPCOT is the best park Disney runs.  Our last 10 day trip to the world, we spent almost 40% of our time at EPCOT.   October 1st, 2007 is EPCOT's official 25th anniversary.  However Disney bosses have decided to not celebrate the home of the giant golf balls 25th.   So Jeff over at 2719 Hyperion, has started a grass roots campaign for the fans to recognize, one of Walt Disney's biggest idea's and the best park at Disneyworld.   He is going to be posting over time looks at it's opening, the rides,attractions and the rich legacy that EPCOT has had over the last 25 years.   He has also created this logo.  Which if you click on will take you to a full resolution image, that you may use to help promote the 25th anniversary of EPCOT.  If you want to know what Jeff has to say about it check the post here.  We will be backing up Jeff here at The Reviewer, so keep an eye out for some posts over the next year about EPCOT.  Including pics and reviews from our last visit in October 2006.  

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