Open Season Movie Review

Open Season

Rated: PG

Running Time: 99 Minutes

Year: 2006

One Sentence: Martin Lawrence should never ever voice a character again.

I know I am not down with the kids these days, what with their fancy ipods and pregnancies.  I know I don't get it.  So that is probably the reason why I don't get the casting of [tag]Martin Lawrence[/tag] as Boog, the domesticated Grizzly that has got that smooth gangsta flow.   It was so horrible and didn't fit.  They lived in the woods, or in a small town right next to the woods, you know with 3 cops and a hardware store, that is also your dentist office, and the barbers.  And this bear is all talking gangsta.  Where did the bear learn that?  Why does he talk like that, why is he annoying me so badly.  Is it totally horrible that I thought [tag]Ashton Kutcher[/tag] was far funnier.  That he made the movie bearable?  HA BEARable!  

In a long list of CG animated movies, this is one of them.  However it is not really anywhere near the top.   A mildly funny movie, with a little bit of a good come to Jesus moment at the end.  It didn't have enough humor by anyone to hold the attention of anyone over 9 years old.  Yes I did laugh a couple of times, but not enough to back a recommendation for the rental.  The animation was quite good, with some amazing human models, good water effects and nice backdrops.  Again though not enough for me to say rent it if you don't have kids.   The words crap and pee are in it if you are wanting to keep your kids away from those words.  

[tag]Patrick Warburton[/tag] is in it, and he did an awesome job as he always does.  He should have played Boog, in my opinion, I think his voice is far more suited for a 800lb bear.   [tag]Billy Connolly, Debra Messing, Jane Krakowski, Jon Favreau[/tag] and [tag]Gary Sinise[/tag] round out the cast.  All of these people did a fine job, and didn't make me want to turn it off.  Next time lets say no to Martain Lawrence. 

2 stars 

  • sydelbow

    OHNOZ! This is next up on my queue!! 🙁

    One Sentence: Martin Lawrence should never ever voice a character again.

    That’s bad. :/

    • Lib said she would have given it a 3, for her to give an animated movie a 3, that is bad.

    • I wouldn’t say DON’T watch it, it was cute and funny & I loved the rabbits, just prepare to not be amazed.

  • sydelbow

    Okay I’ll keep that in mind. :/

    I actually had it, but it was so scratched i had to mail it back and its taken like 5 days with the holiday and the weekend… I should have the new copy today maybe.

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