Stay at home this weekend.


HOLY CRAP, this might be the most pointless weekend to go to the movies ever. Without anything from last week worth seeing and then this week's piles of crap, there is absolutely nothing to see.   I would highly reccomend staying home with your netflix movies.  If you had to go to the movies I guess Hannibal Rising looks like the best of the group, but that is not a recommendation from me.  I might go see Epic Movie this weekend, but that is so you don't have to.  

Sorry for no review today.  I haven't been watching any new movies this week, I had all new premiers of Survivor, and Lost came back on.  Also just was super busy with all kinds of other things, like taxes.   I should have a good batch for next week.  

Tell me what you have at home and are watching.   Good luck this weekend, if you are in NY, stay out of the snow.  


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