Black Snake Moan Movie Review

Black Snake Moan Poster

Rated: R

Running Time: 115 Minutes

Year: 2007

Boobs: Christina Ricci's 

One Sentence:  The best dirty south, blues, nympho, farmer's market movie you will see all year. 

I don't get what those around me were thinking when they saw the previews for this.  They all suspected it to be bad.  I suspected it to be good.  It just looked dirtay.  You know the kind of dirtay it is down in Louisiana in August.   Hot, sitcky, and dirtay, where you just wanna take off all your clothes and sit in front of a fan with a glass of Limeaid.  Yea, that kind of dirtay.  Good dirtay.  

That is what this movie was, good and dirtay.  A few rough parts, were left behind for the shining performance by [tag]Samuel L Jackson[/tag]. Playing a good man that had a bad run.  Backed up by [tag]Christina Ricci[/tag] and [tag]Justin Timberlake[/tag].  The movie was interesting, had an excellent story, and some really awesome music.  It didn't really preach to you, even though it had a message.  It kept itself grounded, and seemed far more real than the ridiculous situation would have sounded if you were telling your friends this story.  It was funny, but not a comedy, if that makes any sense, and it is worth the rental, for a lot of people. 

I am not going to say this was the best movie of the year, because it is not, but it is solid all the way through, and you will not feel guilty having watched it.  Libertie liked it as well, and she suspected it was going to be really bad.  I would probably add it to your queue now, so you do not forget about it.  I do not think you have to go see it in the theater, it didn't have enough to it, to justify the 8 dollar ticket for it.  

4 stars 

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