Blades Of Glory Movie Review

Blades Of Glory Poster

Rated: PG-13

Running Time: 93 Minutes

Year: 2007

Boobs: None

One Sentence:  Miles better than what I expected.

Ok, here is the list…It is HUGE.  [tag]Will Ferrell, Jon Heder, Amy Poehler, Will Arnett, Jenna Fischer, William Fichtner, Craig T. Nelson, Andy Richter, Rob Corddry, Nick Swardson, Luke Wilson[/tag] and a bunch of former and current figure skaters.   A lot of different schools of comedy finally all together in Blades Of Glory, really made everything awesome all over the place.  Usually we see one group together, but here we have almost everyone.  It really made the comedy well rounded and filling in all the gaps that a single group would miss.

It made Blades Of Glory a far funnier movie, than what I expected, and so far the funniest movie I have seen this year.  I think everyone involved with it, seemed to understand the goal of the movie, and the figure skating community, seemed to back it up, with numerous Gold Metal winners with cameos and larger roles.  It seemed to legitimize it a little bit more to have such depth with the skating community.  

From the opening scene to the ending credits, the movie hardly let down at all.  Funny scenes, situations, dialog and cameos along with the skill of so many good comedy actors, and a director that understood it all, executed a movie that could have been horrible.  The preview seems sketchy, and you are thinking another lame comedy, but this one is different.  It seemed to have something to it, that kept it above the lame level and left me laughing a lot.  I would recommend highly for an add to the queue, and if you are looking for a movie during the week to see and were maybe thinking about Blades, I say go for it.  

4 stars 

  • This movie was so much better than I thought it was going to be! I really expected to be let down, since I’m not a huge Will Ferrell fan, but this movie was solidly funny! Probably not going to be the funniest movie of the year, I wasn’t laughing so hard I was crying at any parts, but definitely worth seeing & full of laughs throughout the movie!

  • poo

    I agree, dude, funniest movie of the year so far. Now I’ll be honest, I LOVE Ferrell. He’s the best, for me anyways. But I was kinda worried that this movie would be lame. The trailer was ok, very funny premise, but it(the trailer) was just ok. Not like Anchorman or Talladega Nights where I was 100% sure they were going to be a riot. This movie had me laughing the whole time, though. I think you need to see it a few times just to catch everything, cuz not a SINGLE WORD of dialog is spoken with any seriousness whatsoever, so while you’re laughing at something you probably missed something that another character said. And the skating scenes with Heder and Ferrell….comedy gold. Nice review, man. I’m the poo..I’m one of your myspace “friends”…later.

  • poo

    Crap, I didn’t realize I had to give stars. Let’s see….eh, 4 stars.

  • poo

    And this..

  • poo

    Yeahhhhhh…I’m retarded and can’t count. I’ll just leave a 5 this time and leave it at that. Sorry.

  • poo

    have to…

  • poo

    fix what I’ve done!!!! All right, now I can sleep. Once again, sorry.

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