Knocked Up

Knocked Up Poster

Rated: R

Running Time: 129 Minutes

Year: 2007

Boobs: 4 boobs

One Sentence: It was one of the scariest things I have ever seen.

I just love the realism of these rated R Judd Apatow films.   There seems to be something to him, to this group, they all work together well, they all make things funny to me and portray a real issue, in a way that seems to make a lot of people enjoy it.  Even something maybe not so funny like accidentally getting someone pregnant.  They are a lot more free with the R rating.  It opens up the door to language and dialog that seem so much more real, and situations that are far more real as well. 

Knocked Up, which really had a horrible trailer, was really a great movie.  Smart, funny, and stressful, we go through a lot in the 2 hours this movie lasts.  There are some highs and some lows.   Looking at not just the issue of this couple who is having a baby, but also great looks into side characters who seem to keep the movie together just as well as the main characters.  Relationships, marriage, friendship and parenthood it touches on a lot of real things that all of us have or most likely will go through.  

Everyone involved seems to work hard to make these movies great.  All the actors make every scene work.  Even the doorman in the scene in front of the club brings his A game, and being such a tiny scene and a tiny part, it still seems great, and we connect with this guy, who is only on screen for about 5 minutes or less.  The connection each person in this cast brings to each other just clicks.  I think this helps make these movies from Judd so talked about.  It doesn't feel scripted it feels real, and we just got to watch.  

I think Knocked Up is a renter for most for sure.  Catch it in the theater if you are looking to laugh, but watch out for the ending scene, the one in the hospital.  Yea, that one, that is one of the scariest things I have ever seen.  

4 stars 

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