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Now I know that I say I do not like critics, and I don't.  I find that most of what these guys say is overdone, excessive, and put up on a higher level than what it really is.  Movie dorks watching movies and telling other people what they thought about them.  However it is a great thing for the internet, and for free information everywhere to have all of these reviews released for us to check out.  I can take every review I have ever done now and see what the top critics in the world thought and wrote against my crap.  I doubt I will do more then like the last 3 movies on my list, but I have that option and I like that.   So if you are dying to know what Ebert, Siskel, and Roeper have said about any movie since 1958 check them out at the link below.  However be careful the site, as with most critics reviews, are filled with way too much information about the movie, including very long clips that will show you tons about the movie, and tell you too much about the plot.  The main reason I hate critics.  

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