Rush Hour 3

Rush Hour 3 Poster


Rated: PG-13

Running Time: 90 Minutes

Year: 2007

Boobs: Zero

One Sentence: Jackie Chan is just a little too old now.

Well there is a pile of suck out in the theater, and instead of a Hanna Montana movie review, I decided to watch new DVD's of suck instead.  Either way there is a whole lot of suck coming to you in the next few days, but some of it might not be totally unwatchable.  Rush Hour 3 however is pretty much unwatchable.

I think the problem is not only Brett Ratner's horrible direction, and that the plot was boring, and that the hot girl didn't have any hair.  It's that Jackie Chan is old.  He just doesn't have the moves anymore.  Something that had no plot and really wasn't a good movie before, would still be saved by crazy Jackie Chan doing crazy Jackie Chan shit, and so it made the movie ok.  Now we do not have that.  So Rush Hour 3 had nothing to fall back on and it needed something.

The movie was overall boring.  It just couldn't even keep my attention.  Chris Tucker passed annoying into stfu please territory, and for some reason Jackie Chan's accent got worse not better.  I had a very hard time understanding him.  Brett Ratner as he displayed in X-men 3 has no business directing action.  It was a horrible clusterfuck of uncool scenes that led to a boring anti-climatic final scene.  It really does not do justice to the other 2 movies, and I would stay away from this one.  

2 Stars

  • The problem is not Jackie Chan getting old, the problem is Jackie Chan starring in american movies, espeicially ones directed by such action amateur as Ratner. Watch any fight scene from New Police Story (2004) to see what i mean. Which is not to say that Jackie isn’t getting old at all. Personally i think Donnie Yen has been on an entirely different level for a while now. Point is Jackie is the absolute last person to blame for the crapiness of this flick.

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