The legend of Zorro

Rated: PG Running Time: 135 minutes Year: 2005 Boobs: Zero One Sentence: Sometimes we don't need to know the secret identities of our super heroes. I liked the first Zorro movie starring Antonio and Catherine. It was hot, fun, action packed semi-believable popcorn flick. I felt it really did deliver on what that type of movie should be, and what Zorro should be. So I could say there were high expectations for the sequel. The movie had a fun opening action sequence which is something to be expected. It really did deliver on quite a bit of the requirements to make this a good movie. It had a lot of action, and swords, and fighting and some neat creative sequences. A couple of things were the horse were a bit over the top (and poorly done CG) but I think as far as the action go, I can overlook those small faults and say that overall the action was good. The plot line and characters were not as great I think as the first, it seemed more like a Wild Wild West type story line. I would not say it was that ridiculous, but it left a little something to be desired. It did still deal with the history of America, namely California becoming part of the union. However there was another part to the story, it was Zorro's home life now as a father and a husband, and I think maybe it was too much. First it added to the length of the movie, which was long, 2 hours 15 minutes is too much for this type of movie. A lot of this extra time, was family stuff, cat fights with the wife, raising a son and things like that. I can understand maybe they needed a twist on the story, but don't we want our super heroes to be super and not so much of this family life stuff. It really felt like a downer to an action movie that could have been better at an hour and 45 minutes, instead of 2:15. I guess even with all that stuff the movie was still pretty good and I would recommend it for a low urgency queue add. You should have fun with it and not think it was a waste of time. 00003ayd

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