Sabrina Movie Review


Rated: Approved

Running Time: 113 Minutes

Year: 1954

One Sentence:  Sometimes I just don't get the classics.  

When I was growing up, it was the 80's.  We had big hair, and new wave music, fast cars, and faster women.  I never watched a movie made before 1977 probably until I went to college.   I still have seen very few movies that are deemed classics.   I am working away from that.  My gf is helping lead the charge, as she is a big classics fan.   I watched Breakfast At Tiffany's, which was quite good, and made for a good introduction into [tag]Audrey Hepburn[/tag].   So we keep the charge on, and next up was Sabrina.  I have not seen the remake of this movie either.  

Part of the reason I am not fond of Classics is the actual differences in culture, and it bothers me to watch these things, and to even comprehend that this is how it used to be.  This occurs a lot in Sabrina, and I can not get over these differences, and allow myself to believe in the movie in anyway.  This lead to a lack of belief in the characters and their feelings, especially their romantic feelings.  It is hard to explain without giving away the movie.   It just felt like people in this movie, men and women, fell in love very quickly and without anything causing that trigger of love.  I didn't buy it.  I was left going, why on earth does he/she love him/her.  Libertie answers with.  Well that is how it was back then.   Well I don't like it one bit.   It just felt cheapened and shallow.   

The movie was a quality production, do not get me wrong.  The quality of the acting, was quite good.  Audrey Hepburn seemed a little less cute and wonderful as in Tiffany's, but nothing to fault her with.   The set's were I think quite possibly cutting edge, with things that were I bet very fun to use in 1954.   It was all good.  I just felt that as a Romance, there was not enough Romance.  So while a good movie, and worth the watch for a film buff, that has not seen it, I do not think it will get a recommendation for the regular kids out there, for rental.  Rent Tiffany's instead. 

3 stars

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