Night At The Museum Movie Review

Night At The Museum

Rated: PG 

Running Time: 108 minutes

Year: 2006

Boobs: Zero

One Sentence: Only 2 months late!

I told you last week that there was nothing to see this weekend really.  So we again, did not go to the movies.   I have been feeling bad about that, and decided we had to go last night.  So we finally went and we watched, Night At The Museum, about 2 months after it was released.   I am so on as your reviewer.   Maybe one of these days I will see a movie the same week it comes out!  

It was on a side of the theater I have not been in, in a long time.   Theater 5!   You know the one in the back that is the size of your bathroom?   The film had a green line running though it the whole time.   It was awesome!  There were 13 people in the theater, so it still has people going to it.  Not too bad.  

The movie is almost exactly as you expected it to be.  CG fun, family friendly with a soft conflict and cute resolution.   It did everything it was supposed to and felt very formulaic.  The movie earned a few giggles out of me, but I am not calling it the comedy event of last year.   I think if you have kids this movie would be perfect for them.  It is light, cute and has some cool imagination behind it.   It had a very Jumanji/Zanthura feel to it, but even lighter still.   

Some of the CG was very good.   Like the Dinosaur that we all saw in the preview.  He was awesome.  Some of it was not so good, really bad layering and backdrops, it felt very rushed and is very noticeable to the normal movie watcher.  It kinda leaves you going hmm, that looks kinda weird.   Its not as bad as it could be, but you do see it and makes me wonder, if they ran out of money and had to skim a bit.  

The movie comes with a truck load of actors in the movie.  All of whom did fine.  I didn't feel love for anyone, but I wasn't turned off by anything either, this movie did just what it needed to, to get by.   [tag]Ben Stiller[/tag] was normal Ben Stiller, doing his normal guy thing.  No character, no surprises as far as that goes.    

I think it's rentable for sure, and if you have kids, its a for sure recommendation.   I would think it would still be a good choice to take them to see in the theater, if you are looking for something for them, and don't want to go see Bridge to Terabithia this weekend.   

3 stars 

  • I was a little disappointed with this movie – it had so much potential! It started out really well, great idea, and interesting characters in the musuem! It seemed like they just couldn’t maintain that interest with ALL of the characters they introduced. Also, mom sucked… she seemed like a complete witch, and the son seemed like a spoiled brat. What kid who lives with their mom REALLY cares if their dad moves every two months?

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