The Bourne Ultimatum

Bourne Ultimatum Poster

Rated: PG-13 

Running Time: 111 Minutes

Year: 2007

Boobs: Zero

One Sentence: Make sure to take your motion sickness pill prior to viewing.

For the life of me, I can't remember the other 2 parts of this story line.  I remember the girl from Run Lola Run, and that there was a real Mini and it being thrown down stairs.  I remember in part 2, the guy, who sounds like Garrison Keilor, but I don't remember the plot at all.  I think in a couple of weeks I won't remember the plot of the third movie either.  As it is as forgettable as the first 2. 

I for some reason have not attached myself to this character at all.  I can't remember anything about him, his story, or why I care.  The only things I remember about any of this series, is a bunch of non-stop action that is quite good, and is really worthy of you plopping down your money in some way to see the third in the series, and that I always am met with the mental dilemma of accepting Matt Damon as a badass spy guy.  Maybe it's all the shaking.  My brain is so mixed up from all the shaky closeup shots that the director loves to do, that my brain is incapable of acquiring any new information during that time.  So I am left with what I feel one might feel like if they got run over by a dump truck in their Mini.  

However just because I can not remember anything about the series, doesn't mean you shouldn't go watch it.  The third and final, for now, in the series, is a smart, quick, action packed ride that seems to pick up right where the story last left off.  It doesn't have any part 3 flaws that seem to plague so many movies.  It seems to stay true to everything the previous 2 movies laid down (as far as I can remember) and provides enough entertainment for me to say I had fun and liked it after I watched it.  There was just nothing there that is going to make this a memorable movie in 6 months.  I am not going to reflect back and say, man that was a great scene, or a great shot.   So for that I would say that this is a renter for those considering seeing it in the theater.  A theater viewer for those that have it bad for action or Matt Damon. 

3 Stars 

  • Very nice site. I will keep an eye on it, thanks for commenting, we always love comments.

  • this is way better than 3 stars, one of the fight sequences in this film are one of the best i have seen

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