Enter The Void Movie Review

Enter The Void Movie Review Poster

One Sentence: Do not enter the void. 

Rated: NR

Running Time: 161 Minutes

Release Date: On DVD now

Nudity: Tons

By the time the abortion scene happens well into the second hour I think to myself, as the couple next to me on their first date squirms in their seats is, is this really happening on screen after over 2 hours of this crap.  Yes abortion scene.  This scene was one of many scenes that the director thought was necessary for this story about drugs and death be shown.  The intention is I think shock.  The truth about some lives gone down the wrong path, but by now, after almost a full 10 minutes of cumulative empty black flashing screens that happened in the first 2 hours of the movie I only notice that my check from the waitress still hasn't come and I have at least another 45 minutes to go of this now laughable experience. 

After this scene, which I have come to find out is on the controversial reel 7, that few have seen, we are led more down the path of sex, drugs, sex, drugs, sex, flashing lights, screaming, yelling, sex, drugs, sex, drugs, flashing lights, yelling, screaming, blood, yelling, sex, drugs for another almost hour.  At this point I am trying to figure out how much money they wasted on this movie and how are they going to make back the approx 50 million they blew making this movie.  I no longer care that the movie is happening before me, I am concerned with IFC films and that they are going to lose too much money on this movie.  I have completely checked out of the movie.  I am looking around, the one girl 4 seats over snoring, the girl next to her trying to wake up the snoring girl.  The couple on the date finally running out of the theater, since they got their check.  Russell the manager of a local toy store, I am wondering what he thinks.  Here we go this is finally the end.  Oh no I was wrong, there is more.  Is this movie ever going to end?  Was this anywhere near the 11 dollars I paid for this.  No it was not. 

I just don't get this one.  I guess you could put it under "art" and say that it is worth it for the experience of seeing someone puke their streaming thoughts without an edit button all over 50 million dollars, but I doubt that is worth the time it will take to get to that point.  You could say it is worth it for the black light trip out experience that was created visually, but the subject matter and length destroy that, as really we are only getting the effect of a cooler black light poster with some tits thrown in.  I don't get why this movie was picked up, and I don't get why you would want to see this movie.  Stay away, and if a friend of yours tries to get you to go see it with them, save them, or never talk to them again dependent of if they have or haven't seen it before themselves. 

1 Star 

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