Season Of The Witch Movie Review

Season Of The Witch Movie Review Poster

One Sentence: Welcome to January where movies go to die. 

Rated: PG-13

Running Time: 95 Minutes

Release Date: 07-Jan-2011

Nudity: None

It's been a while since there has been a screening.  I got late this week an invite to Season Of The Witch, I was surprised by this since January and February are were they put the bad movies that they are going to try to make some money back on.  Most of these movies are never screened to critics, but I guess someone got the idea that maybe any press is better than no press, because this review is going to be bad press. 

Let's start with something good…it looked like crappy ass England in the 1300's.  Well what I think England would look like during the plague.  So at least that was good.  The rest of the movie bad.  Dialogue, bad.  Acting, bad.   Action, bad.  Story, bad.  CG, bad.  Threat, bad.  The guy sitting next to me left 20 minutes into the movie and never came back.  It was like everything about this movie was going for the January movie release. They were phoning in everything.  Every single person felt like they didn't believe in the project and were doing it for the paycheck while the studio took a loss on this crap.  They all got paid so it doesn't matter if it is any good.  Nicholas Cage really brings that out in movies, if he isn't trying which it never feels like he is anymore, it especially sticks out.  

I hope that no one expects this movie to be good and I am bringing the bad news.  There is just very little here for anyone.  It is a Sunday afternoon rental where you want to have fun with it, but please don't spend 10 dollars a person on it, even 6 a person for the matinee doesn't seem worth it to me. Wait till TBS picks it up and you can watch it on cable, if you must see it.

2 Stars 

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