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Roger Moore returns in The Man With The Golden Gun, he can drive cars fast, can flip cars over rivers, he knows everything about the most dangerous assassin in the world and will not even blink at slapping a woman to get information.  He is super Bond, he can do anything, he beats up Karate masters, knows almost everything and is willing to kill a midget just for the sport of it.  I like this Bond, I felt like everything about him was well done, well placed, and he didn't take any trash from any man, assassin, businessman or tiny man.  It really seemed like Moore was in it to win it after the weak Live And Let Die.  This is the movie I consider to be where Moore makes his own stamp as James Bond. 

Bond Girls:

There were two Bond girls that James Bond slept with in The Man With The Golden Gun, the first is Mary Goodnight, an MI6 agent who is blond, thin and a little clumsy.  She seems to always be in the wrong place at the wrong time, and knows she is weak to Bond's charms as she says so.  I like her a lot, she seems like a real girl, who after tons of crazy pilots, and big haired temptresses, she is a nice change of pace.  The other girl is is Andrea Anders, Scaramanga's mistress.  She is weak, gets slapped around by James Bond, and tell him everything very easily after she is shown that Bond is the man around here.  She is pretty, but seems very similar to many girls that came before.  There was a third Bond girl, who Bond only met for a few seconds, but she was a naked Asian girl swimming in a pool named Chew Mee.  


Scaramanga is the worlds deadliest assassin who charges 1 million dollars a hit.  He was raised in the circus and became a trick shot.  He kills with golden bullets and the word on the street is, Bond is his next target.  Actually his next target is a tiny box that can convert the sun's rays into solar energy to solve the energy crisis.  Bond must stop him from getting it and selling the power which also creates a death laser to the highest bidder.  He is one of my favorite villains so far, no one to hide behind, just him and Bond, he love the hunt and the kill and challenges himself. He even has his midget servant set attempt to kill him in any way possible.  He is strong, smart, and skilled a great foe for James Bond.  Also the subject of the solar collector is topical and really came through as a subject we are dealing with today.  I really enjoyed this plot. 


There is a car that turns into a plane, used by Scaramanga.  He also controls a large island with a laser death ray, a solar collector and ways to convert the suns rays into limitless electricity.  There is also the Solex itself which is the tiny hand held device that will save the world from the energy crisis.  Bond has no gadgets to speak of in this movie himself.  It is mostly Bond vs Scaramanga in this one.  Wits, and guns.  


I loved this movie.  I found it to be the most interesting of all the Bond movies I have seen so far.  I think it is actually my favorite Bond movie so far.  So it doesn't seem like it's the elements of the movie that are required for me to like it, it is the skill of all of it put together in a way that I enjoy and I think The Man With The Golden Gun did that very well.  This movie had no gadgets, not a ton of Bond girls but is still my favorite.  I think the combination of something that I can relate to today, and Christopher Lee's performance as Scaramanga really kept me liking this movie all the way to the end.  If you haven't seen it, this is a good one to catch. 

  • I thought the babes in this film were great – two stunners, an amazing belly dancer and a chick called Chew Mee (best pun ever!)

    Glad you also enjoyed this, it doesn’t really go down as one of the better films – no idea why because a plot like an energy crisis is still relevant. Also, Scaramanga’s my favourite villain in the franchise. He’s the man!

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