The Dilemma Movie Review

The Dilemma Movie Review Poster

One Sentence: Not so much a comedy, but still good. 

Rated: PG-13

Running Time: 118 Minutes

Release Date: 14-Jan-2012

Nudity: None

Did you know Ron Howard directed this movie?  Neither did I until I saw Imagine entertainment at the beginning, and then looked for his name as producer, but instead it was Director.  With some of my favorite movies of all time under his belt, I was wondering what he was doing as director of a Vince Vaughn January released comedy.  Maybe it was finally time for him to make a bad movie.  Or was it?  

The Dilemma is a bit of a tricky movie, it isn't really a comedy, it actually deals with some pretty heavy subjects.  It is tied together with some funny moments, but overall this is more like a dramedy, and in my opinion done beautifully.  You have to be prepared for it, this is not a light romantic comedy, but if you are ready to go into some semi-hard facts about relationships and working hard to make them work, then this movie I think executes that message exceptionally well, and I think Ron Howard has everything to do with it.  He handled the balance of these subjects and dabbled in comedy in just the right places that allows this movie to not be a total bummer of a movie all while getting the message across.  

This isn't a goofy Kevin James movie where he is falling over and being silly.  This isn't a heavy relationship movie that is horrible like Couples Retreat.  The acting by everyone is balanced very well and I thought Kevin James and Channing Tatum were especially good in it.  It was a wonderful surprise for me, and while not the best "date" movie it is still a good movie to see.  I don't know if you need to pay to see it in the theater, but I would add it to my netflix queue for sure.  

4 Stars 

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