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Super Bond is back, this time he is wearing a fully flared suit.  Bond doesn't take any crap about his flared 70's suit!  This over the top Bond is the one I really like.  I like him jumping off of mountains on skis to parachute away from lots of bad guys.  I like him opening the movie in a cabin on top of a mountain with a blonde girl on a bear skin rug.  Being able to do 1 and a half twists on skis while being chased.  This is what I remember most about James Bond as I grew up and watching these movies now makes me understand why that is my picture of James Bond in my head.  I do say Roger Moore is starting to look a little too old for the part however. 

Bond Girls: 

There is an opening girl who is a blonde KGB agent.  She is very 70's very blonde and very naked.  Bond leaves her alone in a cabin on top of a mountain when duty calls.  She is forgotten by me as quickly as Bond forgot about her.  The good girl in this movie is Major Anya Amasova, who is a KGB agent on par with James Bond.  She is skilled, deadly, and very beautiful. I almost put her on top of my list of Bond girls, but her true love dies only 3 week earlier in the movie and she jumps into bed with Bond.  I found this to be a little off putting and a bit out of character as the story goes on.  The third Bond girl who Bond doesn't sleep with is another amazing, exotic looking woman.  Her name is Naomi and is amazing looking.  She is a pilot and doesn't mind flirting with Bond in front of his "wife" played by Anya.  She dies before Bond and her can hook up but she is one of my favorite Bond girls so far. 


A man named Karl Stromberg stole some nuclear submarines and planned to use them to launch strikes on both the US and the USSR destroying the world while he lived in an underwater city.  He also has a henchman named Jaws who has a metal jaw and kills people by biting their jugular spilling their blood.  Both the threat and Stromberg's lair which is a giant ocean laboratory were scaled to James Bond and his fellow agent XXX.  The idea played on the fears of the Cold War and the villain while not super threatening himself, seemed cold and calculating enough to execute his plan.  Jaws also played a major part is slowing down Bond at every corner. 


This movie brought the gadgets, right at the beginning his watch has a ticker output to notify James Bond to jump into action.  From there, there was a magnetic levitation tea set that killed, a harpoon ski pole, a motorcycle sidecar missile, a machine gun made out of a hooka, and a mini microfilm viewer.  But all of those do not compare to the ultimate gadget, a Lotus Esprit Turbo.  It was white, had surface to air missiles and a mud launcher to blind pursuers, but it's best feature, is it turned into a submarine.  It was very impressive.  


This is a very good Bond movie, everything about it is epic, big, and worthy of being called a Bond movie.  The women are beautiful the gadgets are amazing and threat is valid and dangerous.  This Bond delivers what I feel a Bond movie should be. I had a great time with this movie, not one I would consider the best, but it was still a lot of fun.  

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