The Day After Tomorrow

Rated: PG-13 Running Time: Year: 2004 Boobs: Zero One Sentence: Global Warming, causes an ice age, and we take over Mexico. You knew it was going to be one of those movies, those ones, the ones that come out in the summer, that are big, HUGE, EVENTS! They are about the Human Hope and Spirit, and some sort of Global Event that could wipe out all man kind, you know like Aliens, or A Giant Asteroid, or some other doomsday happening, that causes a man and a woman to fall in love, a best friend to die, and for the American way of life to keep on truckin. But you already knew that, you knew that even if you haven't seen it, you knew it when you saw the first trailor. So the question is, is it any good? Eh, it was all right, it seems to have gotten old, this doomsday stuff, it was a great proving ground in 91 when all the new CG was out and it was amazing to see, and the next 5-7 years there were some great shots, but we have seen it all now, we have seen the Chrystler Building get blown up, knocked over, and whatever else could be done to it, we have seen the Statue of Liberty under a sea of water more than once, and we have seen tornadoes before. So from a CG work standpoint, it looked good yes, but none of it was something I have not seen before, and I don't mean just CG, I mean the actual events, they all have been done in some way in movies before this one. But it isn't bad, it does not seem to be nearly as corny as some of the movies like this, it seemed a bit more grounded, and killed off a lot more poeple. Which I think is a good atempt to take a step away from the Hollywood happy ending. Sure it still had it, but a lot more people died to get there. There was still a romance or two, and the ending was upbeat kinda, but it still kept a bit more real of an approach that a lot of them do. There was nothing worth noting however, no girl or guy who was amazing, or a plot that I would be talking abotu again after this review, it was totally rentable, and I think that is where it should stay, so add it to the netflix queue, and go see shrek 2 in the theater instead, or wait for Harry Potter this Friday.


  • this movie was over to quickly for me one minute its the end of the world the next everything is fine, just a little snow everywhere.

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