Homestar Runner Live @ The Alamo Drafthouse Downtown

This was one of the fastest selling out shows The Alamo Drafthouse has ever had. It had Mike and Matt Chapman, creators of Homestar Runner, and thier DVD lackey on stage, showing see and unseen stuff from They made an intro which was pretty good, it was the pic from above. And then mostly, they just played all these thing we had never seen before. Like some really old stuff, and unfinished clips. Some of it was really really bad.

They made 2 music videos, one for Limozeen and one for Fauguquads (sp) and had people up there doing Kerokie it was pretty funny. There was this very weird scary guy that showed up dressed like Homestar, kinda, it was pretty terrible costume, and they got him on stage to talk to Homestar the puppet, and Mike did the Homestar voice and it was really funny, and cool. He did a few voices throughout the night, and it was pretty amazing, very diverse with his voice, it was very awesome. He can change his voice so well to do everyone it is pretty good. But the freak guy was scary and weird and he sat 2 seats next to me and he made me sad and scared. I think Mike and Matt were scared of him too once they saw how he really looked when he got on stage. They cut him off and sent him back to his seat and we went on with the show.

Then they did a QA session and answered a bunch of questions. It was cool of them to do for sure. I would say by the QA session they had both had at least 4 beers each and it might have been more, they were getting really really drunk, I do not know if they are just nervous or always drunk. But they were drinking a lot! I was surprised.

I got the felling they hate strong bad and the e-mails. They have been doing so many of them, that they really seem to knock on the process and him a lot, becuase that is what they get asked about the most. I am not sure if that is a good thing or bad to be so truthful about that, but I got the feeling that there are going to be a lot less SB e-mails in the future. They wanna do more live stuff it sounds like. I liked the pesant quest live thing, but it is not my favorite. In the end they were drunk, we got our high quality 16X20 prints lib made autographed by all of them for the autograph wall, we laughed some and were scared some. We got some inside info, and had a good time pretty much. It was a bit disorganized but we still had a good time. I will get this a 3 out of 5. The new stuff was neat, but not all of it funny, and it could have used less drunk hosts.

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