Batman Begins

Rated: PG-13 Running Time: 2 Hours 20 Minutes Year: 2005 Format: 35mm 2.35:1 Ahh the bat. The most popular motion picture comic book hero ever created. There have been more Batman media outlets than any other comic, including Superman, and Spider-Man. This will have been the 6th live movie ever created for the genre. This is not Batman Zero, based off of the Batman series starting in 1989, this is a whole new batman starting anew. At one time I never expected this movie to get made, and then when it was getting made I thought it was gonna me more 90's batman. When I heard it was going to be all new, I wasn't sure weather it was a good or bad thing. When I heard [tag]Christan Bale[/tag] was going to be Batman I again wasn't too sure about things. He played rich good, but could he play Batman good? I had grown cinical of the whole franchise. It was overdone and played out. Could it be saved? Clearly not, I mean this would be just more of the same… Then I went to E3 and saw the batmobile, and I was like WHAT THE FUCK is this thing. It looked terrible, not sleek at all, it was like a tank, this thing was supposed to be fast it wasn't supposed to look like…a stealth hummer. It just didn't look the part, I was so conditioned into what Batman was supposed to be I wasn't thinking outside of that box. Someone else however was.

Batmobile at E3

Batman Begins is a Batman for the next generation. A darker, more real, less comic book feel that truly captured the essence of Batman better than has ever been done so before. I am not saying that the original Batman is a terrible movie, that is not the case, but I am saying that this Batman is the better story and movie. It was truly great in every way. The story, the feel, the look and the conflict were all very great. The darkness of gotham has left from the towering statuesque rigid cold city, to a real city that lives and breathes and transforms around you. It feels like a real city, not a comic book city, and makes the story that much more real. Everything about a story about a man who dresses like a bat to fight crime, is so much more real. It feels like it did happen or could happen. And that made it truly great. This was a man, not a invincible super hero. Everything about the movie felt real, the casting was excellent. I was into Christain when I saw him play batman. I loved Mike Caine, and Morgan Freeman. Truly an excellent surprise in Lliam Neeson whom, I liked very much. The only so-so person was Katie Holmes, whom was fine, shes cute and all that. But wasn't an adult, or nearly as great as Vicky Vale in the 89 Batman played by Kim Bassinger. The batmobile also was excellent. I really liked it and how it fit into the story, and how it performed on screen, I was really hoping that it was going to be better than what I saw at E3 and it really worked for me. I truly loved the way it moved on screen, seeing the shocks flex as it turned on corners and moved over hills was a joy. It was a fully funcitioning machine that worked very well. I was impressed. If you have not seen it, go see it, in the theater, it is well worth the 8 bucks. I might go see it again and I will be buying it for sure. Add it to the netflix queue, if you are not gonna go see it in the theater.

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