In Good Company

Rated: PG-13

Running Time: 109 Minutes

Year: 2004

Format: DVD

All the good old days, where a company wasn't owned by someone else. Where the product was the product and there were no fucking pop up ads! Not that I was ever around in that time. I am pretty much of the new school, where Disney owns ABC. My cable company owns AOL and I think Warner Brothers, and my own company got bought up by Lap Corp. It a new game where synergy, or cost cuttings are the hot shit, and being alone in the world with one thing that you sell is cute but never gonna play with the big boys. This movie In Good Company deals with that situation and focuses on a old dog and a new kid in the middle of the globlization of all information. It hit home with me, being just bought out. I think it hit home with a lot of people. Uncertanty, job loss, getting old, or older. Your daughter going off to college. All wrapped up in the end with a fairy tale ending that is gonna make you feel ok about all it, make you look up and see there might be adversisty, but in the end everything will be all right. I don't know about all that happy ending BS, but the movie was pretty good none the less. I do have to say my love for Topher started in Ocean's Eleven, with a small part that was just perfect and hilarious, and that he is funny, and smart, and good at what he does. That he could pull it off. Put him next to grumpy ass Dennis Quaid, and it did well for sure. I liked them together, especially Topher. I did not like Scarlett who overtime I have found to be not much more than a pretty face. She doesn't have depth to her, maybe she is young and will grow into it, but by then Hollywood will have spoiled her. We will see how she does in The Island, but I am not expecting too much. So the movie is a nice movie, it's sad and sweet and regular and normal. I wouldn't say it was bad at all. Just nice and simple with some laughs and some sighs. I don't think I am gonna give it a 4, becuase I really didn't think it was that great, but it was rentable for sure. Higher end of the 3 scale I say.

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