The Island

Rated: PG-13

Running Time: 127 Minutes

Year: 2005

Format: 35mm Alamo Draft House

One day I might make it to The Island, and when I am there, I bet X-box, Aquafina, General Motors, and Calvin Klein will all be there to shower me with product placement! HORRAY! Michael Bay is a motherfucker. It's not even a movie anymore, it's like a bunch of scenes with products attached to them whored out to whoever wants to pay for thier shit to show up in that scene. It's too bad too becuase it could have been way better. So obvoiusly you can get the idea that it wasn't great…but I guess if you want an action go boom movie and don't think too much about it, it could be worth the rental. I guess my rean anger or disappointment is with the way cool premise. It would have worked, it was a Logan's Run style opening that had potential to be pretty cool, but it just turned into a gunfight with helicopters and water. And at 2 hours long that is a way too long gunfight for me without any substance past the set up. Something else that bothered me a lot was it was in the future…they said like 2019, and some other dates, either way, they were not in 2005. The clothes the normal people wore were from now, and the cars, so many 2005 cars. How many cars do you see from 1980 on the road? Cause I sure don't see a lot. They had some futuristic cars, but overall not very many. Tons of Christler 300's. Lame. I guess no one else liked it too much either becuase it was 4th at the box office, which is painful for an opening weekend. There were not very many people in our theater. I don't know, it was all right, I mean it wasn't BAD it just was not good, not well put together, and outside of an action flick, it was not as good as it could have been…I don't know…rent it maybe, if you want some action…

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