Rated: R

Running Time: 118 Minutes

Year: 2004

Format: DVD

It is almost as relevant now as it was then. Some of this story. The knowledge about sex. What people know, what is normal, what is "morally right" what I saw in this movie, I have seen today. Over 50 years later. I guess it will go on forever…probably. This is a fine story of the life of Alfred Kinsey. A man who stuided sex and wrote one of the first studies of human sexual behavior. The book was released in 1948. Even now this movie, causes a stir on the IMDB boards, people arguing, that he is a liar, a pervert and going to hell, or a groundbreaker, hero, and a leader of the sexual revolution. The best selling scienfitic study at the time, and maybe now, I have no idea, seems to be however that what he did was wanted and that many people then didn't know much and wanted to know more. But we are talking about the movie, not his work. The movie is very good I thought. A good human story of Kinsey, his wife and those around him, along with the story of the study, its hardships, and fights though the years. It had a solidly acted cast led by Qui-gon with a wonderful honerable mention to Peter Sarsgaard who did very well I thought. The movie deals with tough stuff, sex, homsexual sex, affairs, swinging, open relationships, and many other subjects across the range of sexual behavior. So those whom might get offended might wanna skip, but I found the movie to be quite good, informative and a good human drama as well, I would reccomend the rental for sure.

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