Wedding Crashers

Rated: R

Running Time: 119 minutes

Year: 2005

Crash weddings and pick up girls, have hot sex and then never call them. Love is in the air and it is wedding season. Everyone get naked! This is a great idea for a movie. It would have been a better idea in 1986, but it still was not too bad here. But in 86, there would have been more boobies, more roudyness and it would have been less sappy at the end. I guess this is as good as we are gonna get to a boobie comedy anymore. Quick flashes and not much focus on getting topless as thier used to be. Maybe this is better maybe it is worse, I don't know, I just feel like if you are gonna do it, go all out, don't cut corners. Ok now that we are past all that, was it any good? I don't know…I guess so? It was funny in some parts, but it was not great. It was not so funny my sides hurt, however was pretty good. It was a lot of snappy fast dialogue, that was quick but not always the most comedic I thought. I thought the funniest person in the whole movie was the red head crazy girl, she was awesome. Did a very good job. [tag]Rachel McAdams[/tag] is coming into her own and going to be a big bad star…who would never be cuaght dead in such a movie later on in her career. Chris Walken was in it and Jane Seymour, so that was kinda fun. I guess I was expecing more of something, either boobies out the ass, or comedy out the ass or romance out the ass, but I didn't get a lot of any of those, and it washed out as an ok rentable comedy/romance, that didn't do any one thing really well. A little let down by it, but if you were to rate it, it would go right down the middle.

  • very funny movie, owen willson stole the show however and had me laughing from the begining to the end

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