The Notebook

Rated: PG-13

Running Time: 123 Minutes

Year: 2004

They are so few and far between, than when you do it, it better be good. The pure romanitc movie, without comedy, is a very rare thing to be seen these days in the theater. It has to be sugar coated, or drenched with sorrow, or some other over the top gimmic that washes down the meaning and feeling the couple has for eachother that when it is done and done well it is truly spectacular. I almost say let them be so far apart that we do not remember the last one before this, as it makes them a special event, something truly worth seeing. And this movie, The Notebook, is such an occasion. A wonderful story, of love. A love that bring those people together across all space to be together as they should be. A showing of a force of desire and closeness that I think most people want to have and if they do have, know what it is all about. However it seems with all love stories, it is a sad tale as well and does not put lightly the choices and loss that can come with such a connection with another person. Wonderfully acted by Rachel McAdams, and Ryan Gosling, the story unfolds in the past and present of a love between 2 kids that would last the rest of thier lives. It is truly worth the rental if you are looking for something truly romantic and from the heart. This movie is defantly a tear jerker and if you are not careful it will not only be the girls crying. Rent it for sure.

  • great chick movie, also ryan goslin is excellent in this movie, one of my favorite chick flicks.

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